About me

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This remarkable woman, faith robinson is an inspiration to all who know her. Born into a Christian family in the country of Jordan, she as a Christian faced many cultural hardships. Daily facing  indinaties because she was part of a small religious minority. She comes from a family of six sisters and three brothers, all struggling to survive during wars And economic uncertainty. Yet, she had a fire within her that burned incessantly to overcome all the roadblocks ahead of her and strived to get an education and encouraging others like her to continue in school regardless of adversity. Eventually her father, a captain in the Jordanian army somehow found the money to send her to the highly accredited Jordanian university where she earned her degree in chemistry finishing in the top 10 percent of her class. She has a profound creative streak within her and I suppose she was looking for a way to Express it. This is when I met her. My occupation is a gemcutter. She seemed fascinated  that someone could take what is essentially a small pretty rock and make it truly beautiful. She asked me to teach her and I agreed. She became an accomplished gemcutter. In fact she is the only Arab female gemcutter in the world. She then began designing jewelry and having it made.  In a few short years became the premier jewelry  manufacturer in Jordan. She gained the respect of all her Male competitors. She often encouraged other women to put aside their fear of failure and step into the waters of the unknown to follow their dreams. She is the ultimate believer that all women have within themselves the ability to successfully compete with men. Upon becoming a permanent resident in the u.s. she decided to continue in the jewelry
Business and open a jewelry store. A store where one can not only buy finished jewelry but can select a loose gemstone from over 10000 carats and sit with a designer to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Her success aside, all who meet her recognize that she is truly someone special. Her philosophy is they come as customers and leave as friends. I have seen people come for the first time and hug her when they leave. She is deeply involved in her local community and contributes to all good causes.  She believes that if you can dream it you can find a way to do it. She did!